What can we recycle?

Ink Cartridges we can / can’t recycle….

Although we do try our best to offer our customers, the best possible price for as many cartridges as possible, unfortunately there are some ink cartridges we can still accept and recycle for you, however we are unable to pay you for any money for them…

Ink Cartridges


Unfortunately we are UNABLE to ‘recycle and pay’ for the following INK cartridges…

> Epson
> Brother
> Kodak
> Canon ‘individual colour’ ink tanks (CLI and PGI codes)
> HP that are labelled – 363, 364, 88, 920, 932, 933, 940, 10, 11, 13 and 14.

For all other cartridges we can pay you 75p for a Branded Original or 25p for a compatible or remanufactured cartridge.



Toners, can be a little more complicated. We can only accept Branded Original toners, such as HP, Samsung, Brother. However, even if they are Original, we may still not be able to take them. If you have some toners you would like to recycle, why not email us info@emptiesplease.com with the make / model number and we will be able to tell you if we can take them for you.

We currently pay 50p for every branded original toner on our ‘accepted list’.

Unfortunately we are unable to take any compatible or remanufactured toners, as these cost us to dispose of. Whilst our scheme is completely Free of Charge at the moment for our vendors, we would like to keep it this way! So please, do not send us any compatible or remanufactured.

If your toners are bottles of powders like below, we cannot recycle these either, these can be recycled in your normal plastics.


Hopefully this clears up any questions or confusion on what we can / cannot accept on our programme.


Empties Please.

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