WEEE recycling – What to do if we can’t recycle your cartridges

WEEE Recycling – Making sure your used toner and ink cartridges don’t go into landfill if we can’t recycle them at Empties Please 

As we can’t recycle every cartridge at Empties Please, there is an alternative way you can recycle that stops them going into landfill. Since 2016 manufacturers and suppliers of printer cartridges have a legal responsibility and duty of care to ensure that their used printer cartridges do not end up in landfill or damage the environment once they are disposed of. If we are unable to recycle your product, contact the manufacturer or supplier and ask if you can send them back to them under the WEEE Directive. They should then supply you with means to return the items back to them with no cost to yourself.

  • If your cartridges are branded contact the manufacturer directly and ask if you can return them back to them under the WEEE Directive
  • If your cartridges are not branded but the cheaper compatible / remanufactured versions, contact your supplier and you will be able to return them in the same way

This legislation provides everyone with a solution to ensure there is no need to put their used toner and ink cartridges into landfill anymore!

We hope this information helps if you are struggling to find a recycler for your particular cartridge.


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