Schools – Redeeming your ‘Green Reward’ points!

Schools, did you know that if you have raised over £200 with us you can start redeeming your ‘Green Points?’

Our ‘Green Rewards’ scheme runs alongside the money you raise with Empties Please. In addition to every £1 you raise we give you 1 green point. These points can be saved and redeemed for eco-friendly gifts for your school!

There are lots of great items to choose from, anything from seed packs to sponsoring an endangered animal with the WWF!

Mayfield Primary School in St Annes On Sea say …

Since we started recycling in September 2014, we have raised £914 and adopted a Snow Leopard with our Green Points!


To found out how many ‘Green Reward’ points you have just check your latest certificate or contact us at Empties Please and we’ll find out for you!

To view our current list please click this link – 6 Green Rewards 2017

To redeem your points or to find out your total simply email us –

Thank you for recycling!

Empties Please

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