Schools – Could local businesses recycle for you?

Boost your recycling with more supporters!

Does your school have any links to local businesses? Are there any Governors or PTA members that could display a recycle bin in their workplace and raise money on behalf of your school?

It’s really easy to boost your recycling by getting local businesses involved. All they need to do is display a bin for you and the money raised will be donated back to your school.

We have lots of schools with local supporters and it really does help bring in those extra £££’s for very little effort on your behalf.

Things you can do to get businesses on board …

  • Ask your PTA members and school Governors to display a bin in their workplaces
  • Pop a snippet in your school newsletters asking parents if they can display a bin in their workplaces
  • Pop a request out on your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Send parents a text with the request

Use this link in your communication and ask them to complete the online for – email or call 0844 879 7179.

We’ll do the rest!

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