Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Update – December 2015!

Roy Castle Fundraisers have raised £829 since November 2014!!


We now have over 70 businesses raising money for our nominated charity ‘The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’, and they have raised a brilliant £829.00 in just over a year.

Did you use to recycle for Roy Castle, but haven’t had a collection recently? We took over the cartridge recycling from Roy Castle back in November 2014 and have taken over a few of the accounts Roy Castle used to deal directly with.

DID YOU USED TO RECYCLE WITH ROY CASTLE, AND HAVE A LOT OF INK CARTRIDGES TO SEND BACK? Get in touch today or sign up (Please let us know in the comments section what it is you intend on recycling with us, ink cartridges, toners or both)


Would you like to raise money for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation?

At ‘Empties Please’ we buy your used cartridges, recycle them and then donate the money raised to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation!

Our scheme is really simple and easy to do:

  • We supply you with a recycle bin and welcome pack
  • There are posters to display around your workplace / organisation
  • Once your bin is full contact ‘Empties Please’ to collect it and we’ll replace it with a new bin
  • We process the cartridges at our warehouse
  • We send you a certificate and make the payment directly to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
  • There is no cost associated with your recycling, we provide everything FREE OF CHARGE!


Who are ‘The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’?

A hugely popular entertainer, dancer, actor and TV presenter, Roy’s brave battle against lung cancer touched the nation and ultimately inspired generations of fundraisers, volunteers and researchers.

Since then, more than £70m has been raised to fund research into the UK’s deadliest cancer killer and provide support to those patients and families affected by this terrible disease.
Lung Cancer is the most common cancer in the world. In the UK, around 41,500 new cases are diagnosed each year. It is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK, for both men and women.

Everyone is at risk of developing lung cancer. It is known that smokers and ex-smokers have an increased risk of getting lung cancer. However, please remember that other people who have never smoked are also at risk of getting this disease.

If you would like more information on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the amazing work they do, please visit their website –

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