Recycling news from May 2017

Fundraising and news from May 2017

May came and went in a flash, we think you’d all agree.

Our recyclers kept us very busy with lots of returned bins to process!

You raised £1607.95 for your good causes which is a fantastic amount, well done!

Our top 3 recyclers were …

  • The Salvation Army, Clevedon – £165.55
  • Abbots Green Community Primary School, Bury St Edmunds – £104.20
  • St Johns C Of E Aided Primary School, Caterham – £93.20

We announced the winners of our recycling competition at the beginning of the month. We ran this throughout March and April and it was open to all our account recylers. In all, over the two months you raised £2,148.00 for your good causes and our brilliant winners were …

  • 1st place – Thrussington C of E Primary School = £344.25
  • 1st runner-up – Shrewsbury Music Therapy = £127.35
  • 2nd runner-up – 1st Darnhall Scout Group = £81.50
  • 3rd runner-up – St John’s Church = £80.20
  • 4th runner-up – Kendrick School = £78.65
  • 5th runner-up – Sight Support Derbyshire = £75.85

We’d like to thank everyone for taking part and working so hard in collecting all those cartridges. It takes time and commitment to make your schemes successful, and without you we wouldn’t have any cartridges to recycle or be able stop them going into landfill.

May also saw our very first Eco-schools competition winner! Congratulations to ‘Cleaswell Primary School, Guidepost’ for winning the first printer in our ‘100 printers giveaway’ For more info on this visit our schools page –

We also announced that we can now recycle ANY model of HP branded toner. As long as they have the HP logo on them you are very welcome to return them to us. We pay 50p per toner on our list.

The school year is also drawing to a close so if you have a full bin to return then do so in plenty of time so we can get your payments to you before the end of term. We can then send you a new bin and set of recycle bags all ready for September. Simply click this link and select either ‘white’ or ‘brown’ –

That’s it for May! Keep up the great recycling!




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