Recycle printer cartridges for your charity

Recycling printer cartridges for your charity

Raising money for your charity couldn’t be easier with Empties Please.

All you need to do is display one of our recycle bins and collect printer cartridges!

If you have a shop, community centre, club, church, group or organisation you can ask your supporters to drop their used cartridges in your bin to help you raise money for your good cause. All you need to do is let everyone know you are actively recycling, by promoting your scheme via social media, newsletters, posters, email and word of mouth.

In addition to having a recycle bin at your establishment, you could also be even more proactive by asking local businesses to recycle on your behalf. We have several charities that have really taken on this challenge and made it a great success for their good cause.

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in County Antrim are a very proactive Empties Please fundraiser and they very successful in getting their local community to support their charity. They have now raised £573.25 and have 7 local businesses and schools recycling on their behalf, which is a great achievement!

All you need to do is use your business contacts to get started, most of your supporters would be entirely happy to have a small recycle bin in their offices displayed for you.

Don’t forget recycling with Empties Please is completely ‘free’ of charge. We supply all the recycle bins you’ll need and also arrange the return of full recycle bins too. All we ask you to do is ensure you return items that we can recycle and pay you for. To make Empties Please a success, simply promote your scheme and keep everyone informed about your recycling and fundraising!

Our current cartridge acceptance lists are below and can also be found on the homepage on our website.


If you require any further help and advice on your recycling scheme pleases do not hesitate to contact us directly –








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