Our new recycle bin sizes from April 2015

Recycle bin size update

As our recycling scheme evolves, from time to time we make a few changes to the size of our recycling bins to accommodate what our recyclers are collecting.

We’ve seen our ‘Toner Trial’ scheme go from strength to strength requiring us to provide our recyclers with larger bins so more toners can be returned in one collection.

From April 2015 our white toner bins will measure 30cms deep x 40cms wide and 80cms high. If you recycle toners with us you will be receiving this size bin for your recycling when you require a replacement.


The toner bin has several benefits for both our recyclers and Empties Please. As a recycler you can fit more toners in the bin, therefore raising more money per collection and it makes the cost of covering customer collections more cost effective for Empties Please.

If you are returning toners to us, please ensure that they are ‘original branded’ only. The easiest way to tell is that if the printer manufacturers logo (ie HP, Canon etc) is on the toner it’s branded. If the toner is ‘remanufactured /compatible’ and therefore unbranded we are unable to accept them back at Empties Please.

If you recycle toner and ink cartridges with us, we don’t mind if you also put your ink cartridges in your white toner bin.

From April 2015 our brown Collect+ ink cartridge bins will remain the same size, 30cms deep x 30cms wide x 50 cms high. If you recycle ink and toner cartridges with us you will also receive this size bin to collect your ink cartridges in.

Brown bin and dimensions

We appreciate that the white toner bins are quite tall and not ideal for small office spaces or school receptions so the brown Collect+ bin is ideal to have out on display, it is no bigger than the size of a waste paper bin. You can then keep your larger toner bin in a store cupboard and just use it to store the toners in until you are ready for a collection.

Our brown Collect+ bin is only designed for ink cartridges and is returned via Collect+, http://www.collectplus.co.uk/ which is so easy to do. If you have any problems returning your brown bin via Collect+ then please contact us.

If you previously received one of our smaller white bins to collect your ink cartridges in you will now receive a Collect+ bin when you require a replacement. The only difference being hat you need to return it via Collect+ rather than arranging a courier collection.

Recycling toners on our ‘Toner Trial’

If you would like to recycle your ‘original branded’ toners with us please get in touch with the makes and models and we’ll see if we can take them for you. We pay 75p per branded toner we can recycle.

 We hope you find this information useful and as ever, if you have any questions about your recycle bins then please get in touch with us – https://www.emptiesplease.com/contact-us/

Thank you,

Empties Please

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