Who pick’s up your full recycle bin?

Please note that from Monday 2nd July 2012, Empties Please will be using City Link to pick up your full recycle bins when you request a collection.  To do this you can either complete our collection request form on our website www.emptiesplease.com/recycle-bin-collection-request/, email info@emptiesplease.com or ring us on 0844 879 7179.

Empties Please will only collect your recycle bin of empty cartridges if you ask us to.  Please don’t give your recycle bin to anyone turning up asking to collect it, if you haven’t arranged a collection with us directly.

If it’s not City Link that turn up or you’re not sure, please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0844 879 7179 to check.

We cant pay you if we don’t collect your bin, sorry.

Thank you

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