Happy New Year to all our Recyclers!

Almost a week ago, we waved goodbye to 2015… and hello to 2016.

In 2015 our recyclers raised well over a fantastic £20,000 for their local schools and charities.

Our top 5 recyclers of the year all raised over £200 each for an individual return – Well done!

Let’s set ourselves a goal and better 2015! Will you help us raise more in 2016? 

If you know of any schools, businesses or charities who can benefit from our recycling scheme, please let them know… it is easy to sign up. Some would say as easy as 1,2,3.

How can we sign up i hear you ask?

1) You can either take a look on our website  for all information with regards to the scheme, or give one of our helpful team a call on 0844 879 7179.

2) If you are happy with everything you have heard, you can either open an account over the phone or via the website using one of the below links:

3) Once you have opened your account, and received your welcome email (Containing all your posters, letters to customers/pupils and information regarding the scheme), Empties Please will send you your recycling boxes (& Bags if you are a school) for you to start collecting.

4) When your bin is full, give us a call or arrange a collection via this link https://www.emptiesplease.com/recycle-bin-collection-request/.  Once the bins are received back in our warehouse, they are processed and payment is made within 2 weeks (usually a week)

Any more questions? Give us a call 0844 879 7179 or email us info@emptiesplease.com

Happy New Year!


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