‘Green Rewards’ for schools with ‘Empties Please’

As the new school year draws closer, we thought we would tell you about our ‘Green Rewards Scheme’ for schools to give you that added incentive to get as many ink cartridges back to us as possible.

See what ‘Eco Friendly’ gifts you can get for your school with ‘Empties Please’

At Empties Please we want to help our schools get as ‘Eco Friendly’ as possible, that’s why in addition to our ink cartridge recycling we also run our ‘Green Rewards’ scheme.

Our Green Rewards scheme is an ‘Eco Project’ designed to get your pupils outside and learning about their local environment and wildlife. As well as encouraging school pupils to recycle and raise money from the cartridges they collect, we also want them to be able to see some of the benefits their recycling, with Empties Please, brings to their school.

‘1 Green Point’ for every ‘£1′ you raise!

At Empties Please we not only pay you for the cartridges collected we also give you ‘1 green point’ for every ‘£1′ you raise!

Use your ‘Green Points’ to help your school get greener!

Redeeming green points is really easy. All you need to do is save them up until you have at least 200. That means you only need to raise £200 before you can start using them!

In our welcome pack you would have a received our ‘Green Rewards’ list. It has a breakdown of all the lovely things you can choose for your school. Depending on how many points you have accumulated you can choose some eco friendly gifts, anything from vegetable seeds, bird feeders, bug houses, gardening equipment, outdoor games, owl roosts, hedgehog houses, an acre of rain forest or even adopt and endangered animal for 1 year!

There is a lot of choice and variation on our list, something to help along any eco project a school might be running.

(If you have misplaced your list, please contact us and we will send you another by email)

What ‘Green Rewards’ can do for your school…

The great thing about ‘Green Rewards’ with Empties Please is that they can help make your school a haven for birds and wildlife or help provide equipment for outdoor projects. Pupils also benefit first hand with the gifts that can be chosen, seeing what benefits their ink cartridge collecting has brought to their school.

At Empties Please we like to think our ‘Green Rewards’  scheme helps schools do their bit for their surrounding area and local environment.

Who decides what ‘Green Goodies’ to choose with your points collected?

It’s entirely up to you! Some schools have the PTA run their recycling scheme, some the head teacher, others the school office staff, or even their elected eco council. Decide what you would like for your school from our list, make that your goal, and get them collecting! We love nothing more at Empties Please than hearing what our schools would like to redeem their points on.

Our favourite so far is ‘Adopt a Rhino’ for a year with the WWF’ The pupils were part of the decision making and were able to choose which animal they wanted to help. Getting pupils involved at this level can only help boost our fundraising even more! One of our schools adopted a Rhino with their Green Points – and called him Ralph.
Black Rhino certificate


How many ‘Green Points’ do I have and how do I redeem them?

To find out how many ‘Green Points’ you have, simply contact Empties Please on the link below and include your school name in the message…


All you need to do is choose a reward from our list, you can choose more than one gift as long as you do not exceed your points total. We’ll order your gifts and have them sent directly to you!

Happy Recycling, Ep x


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