Blue Coat C Of E Primary School spend their ‘Green Rewards’

Blue Coat C Of E Primary School choose to redeem their ‘Green Points’ on gardening equipment!

The pupils at Blue Coat C Of E Primary School have been very busy recycling cartridges and since joining Empties Please in March 2013 have raised over £545, giving them 545 ‘Green Points’ to spend!

There are lots of lovely outdoor, eco friendly gifts to choose from, the pupils at Blue Coat C Of E Primary School have chosen two very handy children’s garden brooms to spruce up their outdoor space and gardening area.

School’s that recycle with us automatically qualify for our ‘Green Points’ reward scheme. For every £1 a school raises we give you ‘1 Green Point’ Once you have raised £200 you can start to redeem your points for gifts off our list. See our most recent ‘Green Rewards’ list below and all the lovely things you could choose to help your school be even ‘Greener’

With 200 – 249 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list …

  • Bottle top bird feeder kit
  • Recycled 5HB pencils for the garden shed
  • Organic biodegradable seed pots for seedlings
  • Coir compost eco friendly and peat free for potting
  • Bread hanging bird feeder
  • Ladybird attraction food
  • Butterfly attraction food
  • Lacewing attraction food
  • British wool metal spiral – for nesting
  • British wool spiral refill
  • Hanging seed birdfeeder
  • Cardboard bird house kit
  • Large jute vegetable grow bag
  • Set of 3 children’s metal hand tools
  • 3 packets of vegetable or flower seeds
  • Pack of 12, 4” and 6” plastic plant pots
  • Children’s gardening bucket

With 250 – 299 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list…

  • Bird window feeder
  • Birch log nesting box
  • Birdie bistro feeder – bird house shaped seed feeder
  • Birdie bistro feeder refill
  • Ceramic toad hide – for frogs and toads
  • Apple shaped bird feeder – with suet ball
  • Set of 3 ‘Wildlife World’ flower bed feeder – stand in your beds and filled with seed
  • Wooden (Apple) bird feeder with roof
  • Recycled bunting for school fairs
  • Children’s gardening kit with vegetable seeds and plant labels
  • Children’s garden broom
  • Kettle watering can made from recycled plastic
  • Traditional wooden seed tray
  • Paper potter – tool for making seedling pots from newspaper
  • Terracotta thumb pot waterer – ancient Greek design
  • Bungee bird feeder – fun seed shaped man on a string
  • Novelty garden gnome
  • 5 packets of vegetable or flower seeds
  • 70L bark chippings
  • Butterfly Boudoir house
  • Hanging ceramic glazed Bird bath

With 350 – 399 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list…

  • Pollinating bee log
  • Pagoda hanging bird table
  • Eco picnic set
  • Rustic bat box
  • Large insect habitat tower
  • Lacewing chamber
  • Large butterfly tower
  • Pedestal bird bath – weather resistant
  • Wooden bee hive
  • Bumble bee nester
  • Children’s spade, fork and rake
  • Children’s wheel barrow
  • Giant outside connect 4
  • Choice of 2 outside games– giant draughts,
  • dominoes, hopscotch, noughts and crosses
  • Giant outside Jenga

With 400 – 449 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list…

  • Owl roost
  • Woodpecker pad
  • Wooden standing bird table with roof – self assembly
  • Water butt
  • 1 Tree from our selection (birch to bamboo)
  • Ceramic bumble bee nester
  • Scare crow kit

With 450 – 499 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list…

  • Weather vane
  • 3 Tier mini green house

With 500 – 549  points collected you can…

  • Adopt an endangered animal for 1 year with WWF

With 550 – 599 points collected you can choose 1 item from this list…

  • Hedgehog hibernaculum
  • 4 Tier mini green house
  • Brass Sundial

With 600+ points you can…

  • Save 1 Acre of Rain forest

If you would like to find out how many ‘Green Points’ you have collected, simply drop us and email and we’ll have a look for you.

Once you have your total to hand and decided you would like to redeem them we send you our current ‘Green Rewards’ list. You can then choose what you would like and we’ll order it for you and send it directly to your school or PTA, it’s really very simple!

Don’t miss out and make sure your school benefits from our ‘Green Rewards’ scheme.

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