Back to School! Kick start the new school year with Empties Please

Back to school!

The end of the summer holidays is fast approaching and the start of a new school year is almost here!

This time of year is a great time to kick start and revamp your Empties Please recycling scheme.

All you need to do is dig out your ‘Empties Please Welcome Pack’ Don’t worry if you have misplaced this, simply send an email to… and we’ll email you a new one or you can also download one from the schools page on our website,

Running Empties Please is really simple and can be very successful if run correctly in your school. The only thing you really need to do is keep everyone up to date and informed about the scheme.

Whether you’re a new account holder or have been recycling with us for a while, here are some very useful hints and tips to give you’re recycling a kick start in September 2014!

  •  Get your PTA, School Council or Eco Team / Council to run the scheme
  •  Display your recycle bin in the school reception area so everyone can see it
  •  Send our recycle bags home with your pupils at least 2-3 times per year
  •  Print and send our letters home with your pupils along with a recycle bag. Letter templates are available to download, personalize and  print in your welcome pack
  •  Print and display our posters found in your welcome pack**
  •  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so we can share and retweet your  statuses
  •  Advertise the scheme in your school newsletters on a regular basis
  •  Post statuses on your social pages about your recycling to remind parents and followers about the scheme and where your recycle bin  is located
  •  Promote the scheme on your school website
  •  Display your certificates from Empties Please so you can show off how much you’ve raised to date
  •  Ask parents if they could display a bin for you in their workplace
  •  Ask local businesses if they can display a bin on your schools behalf, post offices / convenience stores / social clubs / petrol stations

school poster

Don’t forget…

In addition to very £1 you raise your school earns 1 green point. These points can be redeemed for ‘eco-friendly’ gifts to for your school. Our current ‘Green Rewards’ list can be found in your welcome pack.

Idea! … When you redeem your green points for some lovely wildlife friendly gifts, post pictures to your social pages so everyone can see the fruits of their cartridge collecting! Re post it to our Facebook page ‘Empties Please’ and tag us on Twitter @emptiesplease, we can then share and retweet you! Don’t forget to hashtag too – #recycle #recyclebin #recycling #fundraising #fundraise

Handy links…

To request a full recycle bin collection complete this form –

To request more school recycle bags –

To request replacement recycle bins –

If parents and supporters of your school would like to display a recycle bin on your schools behalf, they can complete this form online –

Success stories…

We have some very hard working schools that raise a lot of money collecting cartridges with us, we’d love to hear how YOU make it work in your school. If you send us and email with how well you are doing and how you make the Empties Please recycling scheme, work we’ll give you ‘100’ green reward points for your story. Please send your email to Nina at info@emptiesplease .com and quote this blog post, we’ll then give you and your school a mention!

Keep up the good work,



** Our school posters are available on request. Please complete this form and we will email you an A3 and A4 printable version –

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