‘100 printers’ competition with Eco-schools update Feb 2019

Our 100 printers giveaway competition with Eco-schools has drawn to a close

Back in April 2017 we launched a competition with Eco-schools giving away 100 printers to schools that signed up to our school recycle scheme and ‘waste’ project with Eco-schools. Printers were won by the first 100 schools that returned full recycle bins to us raising over £10.

We have decided to bring this competition to a close so we start something new and exciting for 2019! We have given lots of printers away and would like to thank all the schools that signed up for recycling with us and Eco-schools.

All schools that entered the competition are still eligible for a free printer. All you need to do is ask when you return your first recycle bin to us to see if you qualify. Your recycle bin contents must exceed £10 to receive a free printer. We will just not be taking any more entrants as this promotion has now finished.

Thank you so much for all your participation and enthusiasm with your recycling schemes! We’ll keep you posted for what’s new in 2019.

Empties Please



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