Manufacturer Recycling Scheme

  • Manufacturers, do you collect your own empty cartridges? If not we have a solution!
  • ‘Empties Please’ can offer your company the opportunity to generate extra income.
  • When an empty cartridge is returned we pay you!
  • We can provide a white label recycling scheme or the ‘Empties Please’ branded service.

‘Empties Please’ is a new type of empty cartridge recycler. Our global recycling schemes will help your company to profit, not only from the sale of filled cartridges, but also benefit from the value of the empty cartridges.

We will provide freepost envelopes to place in cartridge boxes at the point of manufacture. ‘Empties Please’ will then pay your company based on the number and type of cartridges we receive back from your customers. ‘Empties Please’ pays competitive rates for both virgin and non-virgin empty cartridges.

All freepost envelopes will be provided without charge by ‘Empties Please’. We will also cover all postage costs for the return of the envelopes. ‘Empties Please’ has cartridge processing facilities already operating to deal with all returned cartridges.

In summary the ‘Empties Please’ recycling service offers you a simple and cost free way to add incremental profit to already generated sales. With no effort required on your part, we can provide your company with a professional recycling service that will provide a new revenue stream.